How it Works

Parents seeking a tutor

  • On the main page of the website, click on “Find a Tutor”
  • Complete the child inquiry form
  • Pay the $50 finder’s fee
    • We will provide you with up to two good-fit tutors for your child within 30 days of initial payment.
  • You will be presented with your first quality educator within 10 days of payment
    • You will be presented with the first educator (via email) within 10 days. You will be sent an educator profile along with their contact information.
  • Accept or decline the educator(s)
    • If you accept the educator and choose to move forward, great!
    • Once you accept an educator as your child's tutor, you are free to communicate, book and pay them independently. This is different from our previous model of handling booking and payment for services via the website.
    • If you choose to decline the initial educator referral, we will present you with one additional good-fit tutor within 30 days of initial payment (even if you have completed sessions with your first tutor).
    • Most of the tutors in our network have hourly rates between $35-$60/hr. 
  • Refund
    • You will receive a full refund if we are unable to present you with at least one good-fit educator within 10 days of initial payment. At that time, we will inform you that we don’t currently have anyone in our network that aligns with your child’s needs.
    • You will receive a 50% refund ($25) if you choose to decline our first educator referral and we are unable to present you a second tutor within 30 days of initial payment.


  • If you would like to be an educator on our website, click the “Join Our Network” button on our homepage.
  • From there, you will fill out an educator inquiry form.
  • Expect an email from us within a few days to schedule a phone interview.
  • If your qualifications align with our company standards, you will be a part of our educator network.
  • It does not cost educators anything to be in our network.
  • We will reach out to you if a parent inquiry matches your qualifications and availability. You are free to accept or decline any opportunity we present to you.
  • Educators are free to determine their own rates and availability.
  • Educators are not employees or independent contractors of WizEducators. Payment for sessions will be handled between the parent and tutor.