How it Works

Parents seeking a tutor

"We are SO pleased with our tutoring experience, from initial request to the first session. Without any work or stress on my end, WizEducators found my 3rd grader a tutor in no time at all." -Parent Email

  • On the main page of the website, click on “Find a Tutor”
  • Complete the child inquiry form
  • Pay a $50 finder’s fee
  • 10 Day Guarantee
    • You will be presented with a good-fit educator (via email) within 10 days. You will be sent an educator profile along with their contact information.
  • Accept or decline the educator(s)
    • If you accept the educator and choose to move forward, great!
    • Once you accept an educator as your child's tutor, you are free to communicate, book and pay them independently. 
    • If you choose to decline the initial educator referral, we will continue to work to find you a tutor within 60 days of initial payment (even if you have completed sessions with your first tutor).
    • *Most of the tutors in our network have hourly rates between $35-$60/hr. 
  • Refund
    • You will receive a full refund if we are unable to present you with at least one good-fit educator within 10 days of initial payment. At that time, we will inform you that we don’t have anyone in our network that aligns with your child’s needs.
    • You will receive a partial refund ($25) if we are unable to successfully match you with a tutor within 60 days of payment. 
  • Discount 
    • If you are a returning customer and find yourself in need of a new tutor between days 60-365 of initial payment, we will provide you with a discount code for 50% off the finder's fee to partake in the process again. Email Jessica at:

*All of the educators in our network have been interviewed and hand selected for each child by a WizEducators team member (who is also a teacher). All educators have authorized and passed a background check which is available upon request. Each tutor is an independent contractor and is not an employee of WizEducators. 


  • If you would like to be an educator on our website, click the “Join Our Network” button on our homepage.
  • From there, you will fill out an educator inquiry form.
  • Expect an email from us within a few days to schedule a phone interview.
  • If your qualifications align with our company standards, you will be a part of our educator network.
  • We will reach out to you if a parent inquiry matches your qualifications and availability. Educators are free to accept or decline any opportunity that is presented. 
  • Educators are free to determine their own rates and availability.
  • Educators are not employees or independent contractors of WizEducators.
  • Payment for sessions will be handled between the parent and tutor.
  • Educators are responsible for authorization and payment ($25) for a background check that will be submitted by WizEducators. 
  • There are no additional costs or fees for educators to be in our network.