Giving Back

As passionate community members, we are very aware of the many inequities within education; which have unfortunately been heightened by the current pandemic. Therefore, an integral part of our mission at WizEducators is to donate a portion of our profits to local educational organizations that provide academic support to students and families.

This month, we are donating to Hope Youth Center. See below for information about their non-profit organization:

Hope Youth Center is currently helping around 35 students with distance learning. The service is free and open to all students ages 10 and up. The program not only offers desk space, WiFi and other distance learning resources, but enrichment activities like art and music therapy.

The foundation and leaders of this organization are incredible; they saw a need and they filled it. However, due to lack of funding, services at the Hope Youth Center are in danger of closing by the month's end.

In an effort to help keep the doors OPEN, we have decided to donate to Hope Youth Center this month. We believe-wholeheartedly- that the work they are doing matters.